Whether you love a good everyday bracelet, want statement-making style, or are looking for classic silver or gold bracelets for women, at New York & Company you'll find bracelets with impeccable style that can complement your own. Explore our newest charm bracelets, wraps, cuffs and more - and discover sophisticated bracelet designs you'll wear season after season.

- Charm Bracelets. A classic choice, our women's charm bracelets give you a stylish way to show your personality. Featuring a chain or bangle bracelet with charms attached, and in some cases even room to add your own, you can dress up your look with whimsical details that are filled with personality.

- Wraps. With their distinctively downtown vibe, wrap bracelets boast an edgy, feminine look that's impossible to deny. Available in shimmering gold and silver, as well as chic monochromatic styles, our wrap bracelets are the perfect complement to your favorite jeans, and will give your dresses and suits a look that's effortlessly cool.

- Cuffs. Featuring an easy slip-on-slip-off design that works for wrists of almost any size, cuff bracelets for women are a perennial favorite that virtually every woman adores. Wear one over a basic long-sleeved tee or add them to a simple dress - and watch how they can transform your look instantly. Try wearing one with a button-down shirt and get a cool, edgy look that's appropriate for work and well beyond.

- Gold Bracelets. For many women, nothing's more flattering than gold. It warms the color of the skin, shimmers beautifully, and looks spectacular with almost any color. In order to give you gold accessories in the styles you love, our collection boasts a wide range of choices, including classic cuffs, wraps and charms, as well as bangles, stretch bracelets and more. Add one for a minimalist aesthetic or slip on a few for a statement.

- Silver Bracelets. Just like gold, silver bracelets for women are a classic. They're cool in color, are available with a mirror-like or sleek matte finish and look perfect with both basic shades and bright hues. And because silver bracelets never go out of style, they're always appropriate - no matter what the latest fashions may be. If you're torn between our gold and silver bracelets, try layering them and discover how beautiful their metallic sheens look together. For even more accessories, shop our newest collections jewelryshoeshandbags, and scarves - and update your wardrobe instantly at New York & Company.