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Sophisticated sparkle or a hint of whimsy - with our collection of women's rings, pins and patches, it's all up to you. Designed and curated for virtually any occasion, our selection delivers the latest styles and the quality you deserve. So, whether you want a shimmering cocktail ring that makes a statement, an elegant women's pin, or playful women's patches for your jeans, bag, or backpack, you've come to the right place. Explore our complete collection and discover new ways to wear the accessories on everyone's list.

- Rings. Bold or demure, modern or classic, at New York & Company you'll find the latest rings for women in a range of sophisticated styles. Try dressing up your go-to jeans and tees with a shimmering cocktail ring and a great pair of heels. Or pair one with your favorite party dress and unleash your inner glamour girl. For everyday style that's slightly more subtle, slip on a simple band or a few stackable rings, and watch as a single accessory can transform your workwear into an ensemble that's polished, powerful, and appropriate.

- Pins. Fresh, modern, pretty and delicate, our pins for women deliver incredible style in small packages. They're the perfect way give your favorite blazer or cardigan a new look, add a little something special to an understated dress, or stylishly secure a scarf around your neck, shoulders or hips.

- Patches. Make a statement with our easy-to-apply patches for women. Designed to add a little fun and whimsy to your wardrobe, they look great on jeans, jackets, bags and backpacks. You can even put them on a cardigan or tee for a one-of-a-kind look you'll turn to again and again. At New York & Company you'll find the latest fashions and accessories. From dresses and pants, to jewelryhats and handbags, the most sought-after looks of the season. Explore our collection - and build a wardrobe you'll feel your best in.